Small and micro enterprises to print personalized needs

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July 6, 2016, the Shanghai Printing Association and the Shanghai Printing Industry Association, with Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang region more than 30 printing companies to Shandong Kaiyuan, chairman of the visit, exchange and cooperation intention. Prior to this, Century Kaiyuan has also been with China's largest co-printing business of the Chinese side Government Printing, as well as China Taiwan Jian Hao Group's mainland cooperative enterprises Jianhao reached a preliminary strategic cooperation agreement. At this point, from the century Kaiyuan start printing business, involved in the printing field, just more than three months time.

Three months to achieve industry attention (small)

Century Kaiyuan as China 's largest online image processing platform, accounting for the subdivision of the field more than half of the country, and Guo Zhiqiang is currently focused on creating another new sub - brand - where India is aimed at small and micro enterprises in China and even individual industrial and commercial households Small demand printing market. Business on-line for three months, has occupied the century Kaiyuan 30% of total turnover.

"Here India" is the century Kaiyuan March 2016 new on-line business. This business is mainly for small and micro businesses small demand printing. "Some small businesses may only need to print a single 500 leaflets, he can not dock their own factories, can only go to the nearby graphic shop.Therefore, not the primary price.Moreover, there is no professional designer To help them do the design of leaflets. "Guo Zhiqiang said," India here "is to solve these two pain points.

Century Kaiyuan spent four years, has trained a designer with 200,000, more than 50,000 daily active designers of the designer platform. The designers of the designer platform, in accordance with the customer's industry segments. There are specialized shops to do leaflets, there are specialized restaurants to do leaflets, and they deeply understand the industry's propaganda routines, even more than the customer would like to be thoughtful.

In addition, in the "Indian", a single leaflets 500 from India, at least 49 yuan free of design fees and shipping. This means that the printing of 500 A4-size flyer, only 68 yuan, but also free postage, package design. As long as the customer gives the idea, will get customer service and designers one-on-one service.

The use of their own more than a decade to do the flow of experience, "here India" business from the official start on the blowout-type growth, the monthly growth rate of more than 100%. However, "India here" production capacity has never been lame. Because from the beginning, "Here India" to confirm the strong combination with the traditional printing industry model.

Six months to complete the national layout (small)

In addition to the century Kaiyuan headquarters in Shandong and neighboring provinces, other provinces of the business, Century Kaiyuan choose cooperation. "I am responsible for my good part of the online, you are responsible for your good part of the production, and through geographical advantages, reduce delivery costs and time costs." Guo Zhiqiang that their own good at doing things, to do things together .

China Fang Printing Group is the country's largest combined printing factory, the main printing publicity single page, business cards and other more simple products. China through thirteen (two under construction) processing center, covering the southwest, northwest, northeast, central, east and most of the economically developed regions.

In contact with the "Indian", the Chinese side of the client and the advertising business. In March this year, "Indian" start, they come up with three processing centers and "Indian" cooperation. Soon, orders from "here" India accounted for more and more of their production capacity, and some even reached 10%, as one of their largest customers.

In the next month, the Chinese side of the Government Printing will also come up with two processing centers and the "Indian" cooperation, and as before the signing of the treaty, leaving a certain capacity to the "Indian" here, a comprehensive guarantee " Of the orders.

With the Chinese side of this industry leader, "India here" is expected to be completed in the second half of the whole of China's regional distribution.

Rich product library to meet the needs of segments (small)

Users need a variety of needs, in addition to occupy the vast majority of demand for leaflets, brochures and business cards, users also need more and more detailed product category. More importantly, the printing industry is a distinct regional characteristics of the industry, different regions of the demand for printed products or even completely different. Therefore, if you want to do the national market, you must have sufficient comprehensive product library, and have the ability to continuously update the product.

Tianjin's leading printing leader, listed company Evergreen Group, and Taiwan's co-printing industry leader in the establishment of the Group of Hao Jian Hao Yun-ho-Printing Technology Co., Ltd., has a rich product line and strong product development capabilities. At present, Jian-ho is only the production of products have more than 6000 kinds.

Century Kaiyuan choose to continue with Evergreen Jian Hao such enterprises to establish cooperation, their products into the "Indian" platform to go. "India here" is responsible for traffic, resulting in orders, EVA is responsible for the production and creativity.

"We now have a three-pronged product library, external collaboration, our own development, and nurturing our platform for designers," said Zhang Yu, director of the Century Product and Collaboration Center. "In terms of external cooperation, we have a dedicated legal department to develop reasonable terms , In the form of law to ensure that partners do not carry out research and development of product replication to protect the interests of partners.

According to Guo Zhiqiang, "We have not thought about building factories in the north before, but in the era of economic sharing, play to their strengths to cooperate is the best choice.