By introducing the information system, regulating the business operation process, realize the order, warehouse, production scheduling, production process, quality management science and fine management, effectively reduce the cost at the same time, improve product quality and shorten the time of delivery

The Four Advantages Of Stand Up Pouch

  • One of the leading domestic printers

    Has domestic advanced high-speed computer 9 color printing machine 3 units, 3 high speed composite machines, high-speed bag making machine 15 units

  • One-stop packaging solutions

    From planning, design, production to the sample production, food, cosmetic, agriculture, electronics, toys and other industries

  • High quality, low prices, excellent service

    Company equipment, complete product quality, the company strict management, to provide you with high quality, low price of high quality products.

  • 16 years focused on flexible packaging industry

    Engaged in packaging design for 16 years, provide the packing design, design as one of the entire journey service, trusted by the old and new users!


China plastic flexible packaging industry leader
High quality packaging achievement of high quality products, and continuously extend your brand strength
Help customers achievement quality, help staff achievements dream

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