How can we with the printing and packaging of the top 100 enterprises in the depths of Daniel learn?

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Today, the old inventory of a list of more than 50 people, are the industry ringing entrepreneurs, managers, such as the above several.

Chen Chunhua South China University of Technology Business School Vice President, New Hope Liuhe Co., Ltd. CEO Hongwei Li, Chairman of the Board of International Liwei Ma Weiwu Shanghai 4D Culture Media Co., Ltd. Chairman Luo Xianfeng Beijing Hualian Printing Co., Ltd. Managing Director Zhu Min Jiangsu Phoenix Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. General Manager Zhang Zaijian Renmin University of China School of Economics Professor Huang Weiping Zhu Pigu founder Zhu Mingyue Blessing Technology Chairman Yao Hongbing Sheng King Network Training Group Chairman Peng Zhiqiang

They are in the industry with a platform, done a speech exchange, to share dry goods.

Haha, such a specification, of course, the industry can only do one platform - the National Printing Manager Annual Meeting cum 100 Chinese printing enterprises awards ceremony.

Co., Ltd. Zhang Zaijian, Professor, School of Economics, Renmin University of China Professor Huang Weiping, founder of Zhu Jubao Network Zhu Mingyue, Chairman of Blessing Technology, Yao Hongbing Sheng Jing, Chairman of the Joint Training Group, Peng

In 2016, the fourteenth session of the National Printing Manager Annual Meeting and the Chinese printing industry 100 awards ceremony similar to Wenzhou, September 1-2. Now the project team of the old series Xiaobian who began to present the main venue to share guests invited to burn the brain.

We have drawn up a list like this.

India second-generation benchmark, "others home" successor

This person should be non-Shanghai Jielong Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Chairman of the fee is none other than standing.

Jielong people charge fees stand Dong. Returnees, the financial circle, which is the cost of succession before the succession and the label. He entered Jielong, from the grass-roots experience, until 2009, took over as chairman of Jielong Industry, director has removed the father Fei Jun-aura of the ring, as the sector dragon stickers on their own labels.

In 2016, Jielong acquisition Shanghai Hainor, and plans to invest 10 billion yuan, the construction of Zhejiang Pinghu packaging and printing industry base.

The most able to toss the printing veterans

Anyway, our mind jumped out of the first name is Tiger Chen, chairman of the Group of color stability.

Do packet printing business, and more envy ah peer. But the cigarette package printing profits out of a few billion, a few hundred million without blinking into on-demand publishing and printing, digital imaging printing, packaging, digital printing ... ..., we estimate the left "pinch sweat + admire" .

Chen Cheng-wen has a heart on the "bamboo growth" story, we feel that he should go to the annual meeting, the story told all the writers of the printing industry to listen.

Women in the printing industry not to men

Printing industry women, Shengtong shares chairman Li Yanqiu deserved.

Strong, open-minded, great wisdom, the past few years, Li Yanqiu took to the center of the Shengtong stage.

Shengtong to private publishing enterprises listed as identity.

Now, under the leadership of Li Yanqiu Shengtong, is no longer just a traditional publishing business, and its layout in the packaging area of the initial results, but also extends to the upper reaches of the industrial chain, cut into the education, cultural and creative, publishing integrated services.