Packaging and printing industry began to enter a new journey

Release Time: 2016-10-13 14:29:30 Author:admin

In recent years, the packaging and printing industry has entered the era of retail easy packaging, so that a region of East China packaging printing business some sit still, but there are many packaging plant a rainy day, change the traditional concept of the past, ahead of the layout.

Individual packaging and packaging began to spread packaging

It is reported that a packaging and printing enterprises in Shishi City, Mr. Chen, for example, said: "You see my coffee table above these two things, a sweet tea, a melon seeds, in the past, are the whole package, and now are Subpackage, such as this melon seeds, sub - loaded into a few packets of a small package, opened, able to finish, it is convenient and not waste, it will be the future of packaging trends.

Mr. Chen explained that in order to be successful in the market, brands need to understand the potential needs of consumers. Through the packaging of goods can also help consumers do not know how much the amount of cases to distinguish between the specific quantitative, which makes packaging and packaging of goods more refined and practical.
In addition, personalized packaging has become a brand business to attract customers one of the effective tools. Brand suppliers began to increase their influence through the network and social media. With the popularization of "private customization", consumers will have a deeper understanding of "private customization" than before.Popular in the United States for example, the personal name for the label of Heinz tomato paste popular, because you can give it as a gift to your friends, lover. At the same time, technological advances make the product more creative, lower cost, the rise of individual packaging is a good reflection of the vitality of the packaging industry.
Green packaging will be more attention
Data show that in 2015, the national express delivery volume of 20.6 billion, an increase of 48%, preliminary estimates of consumption of woven bags 29.6 million, 8.26 billion plastic bags, packaging 9.9 billion, tape 169.5 million meters, 2.97 billion buffer . Just pick up the tape can take them around the earth more than 400 laps of the equator. And these plastic bags, woven bags, the vast majority of tape can not be degraded.
In addition, the implementation of green printing is the implementation of the concept of sustainable development of the central need is to implement the "people-oriented" purposes, is to achieve energy-saving emission reduction and low-carbon economy needs of human health, resource conservation, but also take into account the next generation People's survival and development, is the future direction of development of the packaging industry, and will be more and more attention.