Inventory the mistake of bag making by 90% Flexible packaging plant

Release Time: 2016-10-14 11:13:08 Author:Vicky

Bag-making is the last process of plastic flexible packaging production.If the quality of the bag is unqualified or the consumption is too high, is equal to the process of the previous come to naught, more Serious,the customer claims have a significant impact of the production and operation of enterprises.


1,How to do with the content goods leakage or deteriorationg caused by the bag making machine heat sealing is not completely


Reasons: the poor anti-pollution heat sealing of the film, mainly the used resin within the seal layer inappropriate.


Countermeasures: use the good\ anti-pollution heat sealing film. In general, LDPE has a moderate anti-pollution heat sealing, EVA VA in larger content, has good anti-pollution heat sealing, LDPE also has a good anti-pollution heat sealing, ionic resin and metallocene polymer With excellent anti-pollution heat sealing.


2, How to do with bag making machine sealing crisp and brittle broken ?

Reasons: (1) heat sealing temperature is too high; (2) pressure is too large; (3) heat sealing time is too long;(4) the edge of the upper sealing device is too sharp or covered with PTFE damage; (5) bottom of the sealing silicone rubber too hard; (6) During the compounding and curing process, a portion of the adhesive penetrates into the interior of the film. (7) plastic packaging bags in the cooling and placement, the heat sealing strength has increased, but also have the trend of brittle.


(1) according to the seal layer of the material sealing properties, select the appropriate processing temperature, pressure and heat sealing time;

(2) to improve the surface of the upper sealing blade state, so that the sealing device surface smooth; (3) intact Coated with PTFE cloth intact; (4) select the appropriate hardness of the silicone rubber pad.


3, How to do with bag wrap and curled up after the heat sealing?

Reasons: (1) the thickness of the composite film is inconsistent(2) the heat sealing temperature is too high or the sealing time is too long; (3) in the part of longitudinal heat sealing knife ,the running track of the complex film is not straight; (4) Cooling is not sufficient (5) aging time is not enough(6) the surface layer substrate film heat resistance is poor; (7) In the composite process, the tension control of the composite substrate is not properly controlled, which leads to residual stress after maturing and shaping, especially when the thickness of the composite film is thinner.


Countermeasures:(1) to adjust the floating roller tension;(2) select the the internal sealing substrate with low-temperature heat sealing.(3) adjusted to the appropriate temperature of heat sealing; (4) Sufficiently cool down; (5) full of aging  ; (6) re-select the surface substrate film; (7) to adjust the various parts of the composite processing equipment tension, as far as possible with the two composite substrate retraction rate is equal.


4, How to do with heat sealing surface profile is not clear ? (Knife pattern is not clear)


Reason: (1) cooling time is short; (2) cold plate contact bad; (3) as the silicone pad is heated, making the edge of the melt; (4) vertical heat sealing force uneven; Neat, hair blunt.

Countermeasures: (1) adjust the cooling time; (2) adjust the cooling plate; (3) replace or adjust the heat sealing knife; (4) Longitudinal heat sealing force imbalance; (5) the edge of the heat sealing knife is not neat, blunt.

5, How to do with heat seal strength unqualified?

Reason: (1) the adhesive film in the composite film has not fully hardened yet; (2) heat sealing conditions inappropriate; (3) the distance between the hot knife and the cooling knife is too long; (4) There is a problem with the inner seal film (5) poor heat sealing of the ink, resulting in heat sealing parts of the composite membrane strength decreased;(6) dust, powder and other substances attached to the heat sealing surface; (7) Composite strength is too low or heat sealing compound strength at the drop too much. ;