some small details about food packaging printing should be pay attention to

Release Time: 2016-10-14 13:09:40 Author:Vicky

Food packaging bags according to their application can be divided into: ordinary food packaging bags, vacuum food packaging bags, inflatable food packaging bags, boiled food packaging bags, cooking food packaging bags and functional food packaging bags. The application of food packaging bags a lot, but do you what detail should pay attention to food packaging printing ? The following will reveal some small details when printing should pay attention to !


First: When printing the food packaging bag , to make appropriate adjustments of pressure on the drum , the packaging bag will be slightly inadvertently rolling rubber; if the ink is too heavy, the end is also too easy to stick a rubber stick or ink roller. Therefore, before printing, to reduce the pressure of the drum, to reduce the lining of rubber. In order to avoid sticking rubber, rolling rubber, to add more additives and sticky adhesive into ink, while optimistic, to avoid double, multi-sheet and paper skewed to ensure uniform pressure does not rub rubber.


Second: food packaging printing should like other printed materials, need for accurate rules, otherwise it will affect its quality. In the printing, according to the thickness of the paper , Adjust the height of the front and the side of the pressure gauge cardboard level, but also to adjust the pressure on the paper feeding roller and the pressure of the brush roller on the conveyor belt with more loose to tighten. When the boot found that the rules are not good, but also to check the paper to the situation, as well as over the paper wheel and pressure roller pressure; for thick paper, pressure roller and brush the pressure to be more heavy. And to detect the next paper time and pull the rules of time, and the regulation of the side and the timing of the pendulum, found the problem in time, until the upper and lower and left and right rules without error.


Third: the ink has a direct impact on the quality of printed materials, the packaging of goods plays an important role in the protection and decoration, the printing of packaging will have a direct impact on people's aesthetic and consumption. Therefore, when printing of packaging, we must meet the quality standards. To complete the delicate and beautiful products, we need to seriously complete every step work of the printing , so that we will get a significant profit and quality.