Testing methods for food packaging materials

Release Time: 2016-10-14 14:58:43 Author:Vicky

The test items for Food packaging bags (film) are divided into five categories


Appearance may not have the defects with the bubble which hinder for use, perforation, water lines, violence tendons, poor plasticization,fish eye block and so on. Specification width, length, thickness deviation should be within the specified deviation.


Physical mechanical properties including tensile strength, elongation at break, itreflect the ability to withstand tension when the product in the process of using .if this failure, In the course of the use of food packaging bags (film) is prone to rupture, damage.


Test items are divided into five categories


Hygienic properties including evaporation residue (acetic acid, ethanol, n-hexane), potassium permanganate consumption, heavy metals, decolorization test. Evaporation residue is reflected in the use of food packaging bags of vinegar, wine, oil and other liquid precipitation residue, the possibility of heavy metals, residues and heavy metals will have adverse effects on human health, in addition to residues will directly affect the food color, smell , Taste and other food quality.


Degradation performance Depending on the type of product degradation, can be divided into photodegradation type, biodegradable type, environmental degradation type. Degradation performance is a reflection of the ability of the product to be accepted by the environment after its disposal. If the degradation performance is good, the bag (film) breaks, divides and degrades itself under the action of light and microorganism, eventually becoming debris. ; If not good degradation will not be accepted by the environment, resulting in "white pollution."