Products placed on the shelves can not be sell? Perhaps cause by bad packaging

Release Time: 2016-10-14 15:06:20 Author:Vicky

In the serious surplus of commodity supply and product packaging homogenization serious times, packaging is the lifeline of the product.A lot of products on the shelves but no one is interested, some of the products are welcome by customer when publish. Why is the quality and price of goods in the case of considerable, sales are so different? The answer is usually on the packaging of the product.

The following three cases are very vivid to reflect the product packaging on the decisive impact of merchandise sales.


 Case 1: stand up spout pouch become popular in the market


In the 90s of last century, when the traditional pillow-shaped plastic bags face horribly flat on the shelves, no appeal to consumers.a stand up spout bags quickly jumped to the major packaging areas. This is a flexible support structure at the bottom of the flexible packaging bags, without relying on any pillars to stand on its own light and portable, excellent visual effects, play a very good publicity, and cost less than plastic bags, plastics, plastic Cans and other types of packaging.


This new type of packaging not only improve product quality, but also has the characteristics of resistance to sterilization, cold storage, damp-proof, oxygen-proof, corrosion-resistant, tightness, pressure resistance, puncture resistance, not breakage and impermeability. , Cost savings, stylish appearance, easy to carry and so on.


In recent years,because of the stand-up spout pouch has rich raw materials, excellent performance, simple and beautiful features, it become the world's fastest growing packaging materials over the past few years,. In 2013,up to 17 billion stand-up pouch use in the United States packaging, the European market is close to 19 billion.


Case 2, ignored of the regional characteristics,lead to the packaing product unsalable

Now the market characteristics of the regionalization of the product are more and more obvious, different regions of the market needs different specifications.Taste, even the same name as the taste, different market requirements are not the same. However, many enterprises in the operation of different regional markets, did not realize the regional differences, so a product shop, on the shelves appeared slow-moving.


A instant noodles enterprises in order to develop the Northeast market, the choice of products is also very careful. The main product specifications of the Northeast market is thirty packaging, but the company in order to start the market as soon as possible, decided to push the main specifications and competitive products, 24 different packaging in order to implement the product differentiation strategy to achieve sudden emergence.


However, 24 packaging products listed, the result is eye-catching, in addition to individual markets have a certain sales, the company originally hoped to use this specification to become the kingpin variety of ideas is completely failed, not only that, enterprises in order to deal with the legacy The hands of the inventory and market stranded products may not be allocated special costs to be addressed, and finally forced to change the company decided to use 30 packaged products to operate the market and achieved extraordinary results.


Case 3, the visual of the package revealed the magic impact


Into the 21st century, the beverage giant Kirin launched a Japanese low-alcohol fruit drinks. That time, Suntory, treasure making wine and other similar products in the market gradually Fengshengshuiqi, Kirin is difficult in a highly competitive market share, so spend a lot of money to hire famous designer Katsuhisa Shiten design packaging.


Sasada Shiren and his team in order to highlight the product Icy feeling, and enhance the visual impact of packaging, introduced the famous ice unicorn packaging. New packaging products in Japan in 2002 after the market share in the market as much as four percent, in one fell swoop come out on top.


In the subsequent packaging revision design, Sasada Shiren more deliberately highlight the ice fruit flavor characteristics, the "fruit cut to" produce fresh fruit is enough to make the feeling of splashing fruit juice, attracted a lot of alcohol beverages have Female customers who reject mentality.