The common problems and solutions of Shrink packaging

Release Time: 2016-10-14 15:53:36 Author:Vicky

In the shrink packaging process, always meet some problems such as shrink film of flatulence, fog, fish eyes and other issues. These problems can be corrected by adjusting the machine settings, the temperature of the most frequently adjusted packaging machine, the circulating wind speed, the speed of the conveyor belt, the number of vent holes, and the shrink film size.




Hot air remains in the shrink film




1, increase the number of holes to speed up air leakage from the shrink film


2, slow down the conveyor belt conveyor speed, so that hot air has a longer time to leak from the shrink film


3, increase the temperature of the packaging machine to help air leakage from the shrink film




The surface of the shrink film becomes blurred as misty




4, lower packaging machine temperature, high temperature is the cause of contraction film atomization


5, increase the speed of the conveyor belt conveyor, so that the shrink film to reduce the time of heat


Weak sealing lines


The sealing line of the shrink film is liable to be broken or a small hole is formed




6, to lower the temperature of the sealing machine heat sealing knife


7, sealing line height is not correct, the sealing line height should be half the height of the packaging


8, sealing frame pressure is not uniform, so need to adjust the level of sealing rack position


9, heat sealing knife or sealing base may become dirty, clean sealing knife or sealing base


10, sealing the base of the insulation pads or insulation stickers damaged, can replace the insulation pads or insulation stickers


11, sealing time is too short, sealing pressure in the sealing line is not complete before the disappearance of the sealing time can be long