The correct choice of food bags

Release Time: 2016-10-15 11:14:03 Author:Vicky

Food packaging a wide range of general,is mainly made of two types of plastic film: one is made by raw materials polyethylene, polypropylene and dense ammonia ; the other is made of polyvinyl chloride. Of which PVC is a toxic species, although the PVC resin itself is non-toxic, but in the production process by adding plasticizers, they produce toxicity. In addition, some plastic products by adding stabilizers, and these stabilizers are mainly lead stearate, one of the lead salt is very easy to precipitate, once inhaled the body will cause accumulation of lead poisoning, thereby endangering the health of consumers.


How to choose the good food packaging bags?

Selection and use of qualified food plastic bags, should note the following:


1.Go to the big shopping malls to buy the food,do not go the streets stalls to buy.

2 plastic packaging bags off food factory is no smell, a special smell of plastic bags can not be used for food packaging.

3 food packaging plastic bags have a Chinese logo, label factory name, site, product name, and clearly indicate the "food" words. After the factory products are attached to product testing certificate.

4 plastic bags of color (the current market with dark red or black color) can not be used for food packaging. Because such plastic bags are often made of recycled plastics.

5 try to use without coating, coating material. Modern packaging design, in order to make the packaging more beautiful, corrosion resistance, extensive use of materials attached to the coating. This is not only to the product after the scrap material recycling, reuse has brought difficulties, and most of the paint itself is toxic, if people eat these packaged food, will cause great harm to people's health. In addition, coating, plating process also brought great pollution to the environment. Such as paint volatile solvent gas, electroplating chromium and other heavy metals generated when the waste liquid, waste pollution. Therefore, should be used as far as possible without coating, coating the packaging material.

6 because the characteristics of food plastic bags is not easy to degrade , will cause environmental pollution, therefore, the procurement of food, the best choice of green packaging materials. Paper is currently the most widely used green packaging materials. Therefore, in the purchase of food the best choice when the original paper packaging is appropriate, also can chonice biodegradable plastic.