How to Choose Vacuum Bag Properly

Release Time: 2016-10-15 11:10:42 Author:Vicky

There have a great market of vacuum bag now, then how to choose the vacuum bag? Vacuum packaging bags because of good barrier properties, heat sealing performance, moisture resistance, high transparency, compression, preservation, extended shelf life and other functions are also very good, which is widely used in the food industry bags.


Now more and more people pay attention to vacuum packaging bags, how to choose vacuum packaging bags.we need to pay attention to printing equipment and machinery of environmental protection. Does not produce harmful gases, odors and liquids. Production process pollution-free, without any harmful substances. As far as possible without the use of coating, coating materials, color plastic vacuum bag can not be used for food packaging. These vacuum bags are often made of recycled plastics. Vacuum packaging bags of food factory is no smell, no smell, a special smell of plastic vacuum bag, can not be used for food packaging.


The better use the packaging material without coating. Vacuum bags need to check the appearance of their bags. The appearance of the main check to see if there is a significant bag of abrasions; whether there is a pinhole; whether there is pollution; sealing whether the specification. Compressive strength and bursting strength of the test.


The test method of compressive strength and bursting strengthh is to use heavy extrusion method, the vacuum bag on the desktop, and then add the above heavy objects, for one minute, the first vacuum bag whether there is loss of shape, leakage and so on. In the selection of materials, to use environmentally friendly materials, do not use secondary waste, especially food vacuum packaging bags do not use industrial waste or recycled materials. Dongguan TZC printing Co.,ltd specializing in the production of high-quality vacuum packaging bags, by the majority of new and old customers the trust of friends, and access to the national vacuum bag corresponding certificate, the majority of friends can be assured ordering our products, your trust and choice is our Permanent pursuit. For more information, please feel free to continue to follow our website, or call our customization hotline: 13530741518