Domestic flexible packaging industry

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Although the current flexible packaging industry production capacity develop quickly, but the flexible packaging enterprises must follow the pace of market recovery, timely and effective product structure adjustment. Potential is important, but to identify the direction of the enterprise is the key to sustainable development, should be at the expense of market research needs, deep-level development, focus on improving the quality of the development of a certain technical content of functional packaging materials to meet new Round global green economy. Product packaging should be simple from the past, protection, passive packaging of the gradual transformation of the brand, market-oriented, automated packaging.


Domestic flexible packaging industry: security as flawed


The domestic flexible packaging industry from small to large, rapid development, flexible packaging started in China 20 years ago. Showing a clear group, large-scale trend. At present, there are about 400 of China's imports of gravure printed flexible packaging production lines, nearly a thousand of the domestic wide-speed high-speed gravure flexible packaging production line, the level of these production lines are close to or reached the level of developed countries. At the same time, world-class enterprises are accelerating their development in China by means of absolute control, newly-established wholly-owned manufacturing enterprises and holding companies, and mergers and acquisitions of Chinese dominant enterprises. For example, a few days ago, the global packaging production giant Amco to spend 350 million yuan to acquire the Jiangsu Shenda Group's flexible packaging business. China as the most promising packaging market, will naturally attract foreign investment, which for our flexible packaging business, is both an opportunity and a challenge.

More attention to energy saving, energy saving, emission reduction, safety (personal safety, labor safety, food safety, drug safety, etc.) New business philosophy to promote more flexible packaging enterprises to standardize, the country's soft packaging industry in the original emphasis on quality, on. And to assume more social responsibility. Flexible Packaging As with other packaging, consider the three elements of packaging, namely, safety, convenience and aesthetics (display promotion). After 20 years of development, the country has made great progress in the flexible packaging industry, especially in the aesthetic aspects of flexible packaging is to achieve world-leading level. However, the security of flexible packaging, the country is still soft packaging industry, there are still some problems, I need to continue to pay for it.


China's flexible packaging enterprises keep up with changes in market demand, timely adjustment of product structure, resource tilt to the benefits, to achieve the product differentiation, structural diversification. High value-added products, such as BOPP shrinking film, antistatic film, high-definition film, anti-cooking film, transfer film, high-brightness film, ultra-thin film and synthetic paper gradually industrialized. BOPPT film, BOPPT film, BOPPT film with nano-materials, and new products such as imitation glass and bulletproof glass, have become the new development trend of BOPPT film.

To work together with flexible packaging machinery manufacturers must note following five points:


Once selected packaging equipment manufacturers, there will be a few months of preparation time, this time on the project to track, the note is as follows:


First, deal with the person in charge. Find the manufacturer side of the responsible person, he must have the technical knowledge and a certain power, direct contact with him, rather than through business people to transmit information. The ideal situation is that you contact the person responsible for equipment development projects.


Second, the document management. Create documents, including matters, responsibilities and progress and other data, rather than by saving the message to manage the project progress. Review the documentation in a planned and structured manner and evaluate the current implementation of the project. This step can be completed by phone, there is no requirement must go to the scene. And to give the manufacturer the authority to maintain and update the documentation as the project progresses.


Third, we must always visit the equipment manufacturers, do not put themselves as strangers. You spend a lot of money to buy a packaging machine, it is necessary to plan during the project development, the manufacturers regularly visit to understand the progress. Even with the best factories, regular visits by customers can create a sense of urgency for the project team. So, if you know that you're coming, they may be more involved in the project to make sure you feel everything is working properly and can be done on time.


Fourth, attention to material testing. Attention to manufacturers of production materials testing. Be sure to require materials to meet the certification, the size to meet the requirements, directly to the packaging machine manufacturers and money and goods two clear conditions. This was done to avoid delays in the supply of material as an excuse for factory acceptance tests or delays in the delivery of packaging machines. Also, if you are not sure what kind of packaging film, you can use the machine manufacturers use, just serve multiple purposes.


Fifth, to add new requirements, we must consider the manufacturer's time schedule. For manufacturers, the beginning of the payment and machine performance associated with this is not a small power. In the field acceptance test, consider additional testing, with a few working days (or even weeks) to understand the real performance of packaging equipment and limits. To be fair to the manufacturers, do not postpone the test time, or put forward new functional requirements to give manufacturers time to leave room.